“Until we know what we do, how can we do what we want?” -Moshe Feldenkrais. An intentional healing setting is vital to safely explore and get to know parts of our selves that are vulnerable or protected. These parts belong with us, but at times they can block us from being who we want to be. When we create a culture of safety and intelligent empathy with the inner, and inter-human experience, we access our creative ability to change.


Chronic physical and mental illness dominated my experience of life for a long time. I found no answers in the mainstream medical world or psychiatry. I began a quest to learn the language of my body, trusting deeper answers lay at the heart of my struggle. For me, and many people, disconnection from wellbeing is the result of trauma. Mending the divide and returning to a connected state can be a complex process, but learning to listen and make sense of the nuanced expressions of your body and Self can bring success.


My early cultural conditioning focused on verbal and intellectual intelligence, scarcely acknowledging understanding received through the body as a whole. I sought out teachers and methods to help me learn the latter. With steady practice and a holistic focus my mind and body shifted from feeling like a broken useless prison, to becoming a precise trusted guide. I learned how to hear and understand the systems working together to create my whole Self — my nervous system, emotional system, the systems of my mind, my senses, my spirit.


Everything we feel within carries information, and we notice, collect, process, and create meaning from our experiences. But it is estimated that the body sends the mind 11 million bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can only process about 40 bits. Tuning in to the sensory story our bodies constantly stream to us becomes revelatory, igniting a more integrated dialogue with life. For me this means challenge still exists, but struggle transforms into curiosity and capacity to engage with the complexity of life in a resourced way.


I am still gaining fluency with the systems of my Self, and embrace this as a lifelong journey. Meanwhile, sharing this work with others is an inspiration as I see the results it brings in giving people a chance at thriving. There is much humans can do alone, but we are designed to learn and grow most fundamentally within relationship. This is what I offer to you: attuned presence, care-full attention, and a plethora of tools to help you tune in to the language of your body, and benefit from what wisdom and potential it holds.