Mending Self


If you are struggling with chronic physical or emotional pain, I offer presence and support navigating a process toward wholeness and wellbeing.





“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”





“Until we know what we do, how can we do what we want?” -Moshe Feldenkrais. An intentional healing setting is vital to safely explore and get to know parts of our selves that are vulnerable or protected. These parts belong with us, but at times they can block us from being who we want to be. When we create a culture of safety and intelligent empathy with the inner, and inter-human experience, we access our creative ability to change.


Chronic physical and mental illness dominated my experience of life for a long time. I found no answers in the mainstream medical world or psychiatry. I began a quest to learn the language of my body, trusting deeper answers lay at the heart of my struggle. For me, and many people, disconnection from the body is the result of trauma. It is so important to listen patiently and respectfully to fears of mending the divide and returning to a connected state.


My early cultural conditioning focused on verbal and intellectual intelligence, and scarcely acknowledged understanding received through the body as a whole. I sought out teachers and methods to help me learn the latter. With time, steady practice, and a holistic focus my mind and body shifted from feeling like a broken, useless prison, to becoming a precise, trusted guide. I learned how to hear and understand the systems working together to create my whole Self; my nervous system, emotional system, the systems of my mind, my senses, my spirit.


Everything we feel within ourselves carries information, and we notice, collect, process, and create meaning from our experiences. But it is estimated that the body sends the mind 11 million bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can only process about 40 bits. Tuning in to the sensory story our bodies are constantly streaming to us becomes revelatory, igniting a more integrated dialogue with life. For me this means challenge still exists, but struggle transforms into curiosity and capacity to engage with the complexity of my life in a resourced way.


I am still gaining fluency with the systems of my Self, and embrace this as a lifelong journey. Meanwhile, I find meaning and joy in sharing this work with others. There is much humans can do alone, but we are designed to learn and grow most fundamentally within relationship. This is what I offer to you: attuned presence, care-full attention, and a plethora of tools to help you tune in to the language of your body, and to benefit from what wisdom it holds.



Jeana Bird

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Services and Pricing

I use a combination of modalities based on my training, as well as personal discovery of what has worked in my own life.

Connect for an exploratory session - FREE -

Coaching is distinct from Counseling, and not appropriate for all mental health situations. Part of the exploratory call is assessing if coaching is a good option for you, and if we are a good fit for each other.

After the initial exploratory session, if you choose to schedule again you are invited to make a monetary donation for subsequent sessions.

I don’t ask a specific dollar amount for each session, though I do ask that you make some donation before each scheduled appointment.

Please explore what price range other practitioners charge, take a look at your own finances, and find an amount you feel good about in honoring both your situation, and my situation.

Then lets connect and discuss.

This work is my primary source of income. I live with disabilities, and this makes survival challenging. I make careful choices in living simply so I can offer this service to those in need.

I ask that you be mindful of these things as you consider your donation.

Thank you.



You are always becoming who you are



Training Background

Listed below are some of the trainings I have participated in. If you have interest in learning more about my teachers please feel free to ask me, or visit and explore their websites.

Internal Family Systems Coach Training 

Anna Tansi and Brian Juadon

Somatic Experiencing Step by Step (overview course)

Peter L. Levine

Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training

Martha Beck

SmartBody SmartMind Training

Irene Lyon

Endorsed MindBody Health Coach

Abigail Steildey

Healing Sexual Trauma: a Somatic and Attatchment approach

Peter Levine and Diane Poole Heller





Stories bind us. And stories will set us free.



Other Resources

Here is selection of books that have been fundamental to my development, learning, and growth both as a person and as a practitioner. I recommend any of these books, or associated websites, as valuable self-study portals.

The Language of Emotions

Karla Mclaren


Daniel J. Siegel

You Are The One you Have Been Waiting For

Richard Schwartz


Eugene T. Gendlin

When The Body Says No

Gabor Mate

In an Unspoken Voice

Peter L. Levine

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown

The Divided Mind

John E. Sarno

Trauma and Recovery

Judith Herman, M.D.

Loving What Is

Byron Katie

Finding your own North Star

Martha Beck




reflections of the process

Kristy B.

Jeana has been an invaluable presence in my life for over a year now. Her dedication to this work, and as a support person has created a sense of security and deep comfort that has been the fertile grounds for my healing process. The shifts in my life from our work together have been subtle and gradually developing over time, but profound. I rarely have the night-time panic attacks that I used to have on a regular basis, and I am starting to be able to navigate my life from a connected place of deep presence with myself and in alignment with my purpose. I feel as though I have a better handle on my emotions and am able to get in touch with, and articulate, my true wants and needs better every day. I am learning to admit and accept what I am really feeling (underneath all the murky layers of denial) and begin healing from there.

Jeana is present, thoughtful, and intuitive in her work and is able to hold loving space for all of me in our sessions. She is well-versed in the subtle art of safely approaching and engaging the timid and traumatized parts of myself that are hesitant to open up, or are aggressively protected. Our sessions are a great space for these voices to be heard and healed. Her intuition about my story and these parts is often uncannily accurate, and she is magically able to elicit clarity from the chaos of emotional expression. What’s more, Jeana has helped me to navigate and better understand the mind-body connections, and to see and work with the ghost-like symptoms I’ve had recurring in different forms most of my adult life—emotional responses manifesting in physical symptoms that I’ve struggled to understand and get clarity on through medical practitioners.

Jeana is generous with her time and presence and able to support me when I most need it. Everyone could benefit from this work—whether you have experienced obvious or subtle trauma in your life. The world would be a better place if everyone learned to inhabit their lives from this place of presence and deep sense of self that is the focus of this healing work. 


Do you truly need to be Healed, or merely Held?

Wholeness is forgotten -
scattered between the illusion of useful or useless.

Hold to the necessary peace of Worthy.

Surely this is where you Belong.

All dreams become -
 Health within the holding.