Services and Pricing

I use a combination of modalities based on my training, as well as personal discovery of what has worked in my own life.

Connect for an exploratory session - FREE -

Coaching is distinct from Counseling, and not appropriate for all mental health situations. Part of the exploratory call is assessing if coaching is a good option for you, and if we are a good fit for each other.

After the initial exploratory session, if you choose to schedule again you are invited to make a monetary donation for subsequent sessions.

I don’t ask a specific dollar amount for each session, though I do ask that you make some donation before each scheduled appointment.

Please explore what price range other practitioners charge, take a look at your own finances, and find an amount you feel good about in honoring both my energy and yours.

Then lets connect and discuss.

This work is my primary source of income. I live with disabilities, and this makes survival challenging. I make careful choices in living simply so I can offer this service to those in need.

I ask that you be mindful of these things as you consider your donation.

Thank you.